Immigration services

You have an opportunity to come and stay in the United Kingdom and bring your family under various immigration categories such as business visas, working visas, studying, family immigration and many others. We provide professional advice and full support in all existing categories.

Westland Mark Limited is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) at Level 2. This entitles us to represent our clients in complicated immigration cases, cases after refusals, as well as in cases covered by the European Human Rights Convention. You can see our OISC Certificate here

We would be happy to assist you with:

• your move to the United Kingdom with or without your family;
• purchasing a property;
• providing your children with a British education;
• supporting your own business and making investments in the UK;
• studies, work or creating a family in this country;
• visiting for a holiday, enjoying sightseeing and shopping

We will also provide you with professional support in the UK if you want to extend your visa or switch to another category.

Westland Mark Limited works with all types of visas notwithstanding the country of your residence and location. We provide immigration and other relevant services engaging both our own specialists and experts from partner companies.