British Citizenship


British citizenship

British passport always has been considered as one of the most privileged passport in the world because it offers many opportunities for developing a business around the world. It also allows to travel visa-free to many destination around the world.


• Registration – citizenship for children under 18 years; and
• Naturalization – citizenship for applicants over 18 years old.

The procedure for obtaining citizenship consists of 5 stages

• compliance with the requirements for Naturalization;
• completing an application form and collecting the necessary documents;
• submission of documents to the Home Office;
• submission of biometric data;
• the ceremony of Naturalisation.

Check for compliance with naturalization requirements

The common requirement for Naturalisation is the presence of a settled status (Indefinite Leave to remain or Permanent residence card). The applicant must be free from the immigration time restrictions for the 12- month period before making the application.
Requirements for residence in the UK are different if the applicant is married to a British citizen.

Requirements for the applicant

• speak English at the appropriate level (B1 of CEFR)

• have sufficient knowledge of life in the UK (pass the test Life in the UK)

• be a person of a good character. The applicant must show the absence of outstanding criminal record. When completing the application, the applicant must specify all cases that led to any civil or criminal convictions. This also includes the requirement not to violate immigration law for 10 years before applying for British citizenship.

• live in the UK for at least 5 years before submitting an application. At the same time, the applicant cannot be absent from the UK for more than 450 days over a five-year period just before the application and no more than 90 days over the past 12 months. For children (in some cases) and a spouses of British citizens, the last 3 years of residence are taken into account.

Filing an application

Most recently, the Home Office made changes to the process of applying for British citizenship. Along with the application on paper which is sent by post to the Home Office, it can be done on-line. If you are unable to complete the on-line application form, you can still send the documents by mail to the Home Office. Submission by mail has its downside, since the period for consideration of documents can be much longer than when applying on-line.

If you apply on-line, you can keep the originals of all documents with you while your application is being reviewed by the Home Office. It will be necessary to book an appointment for the day and time when you can provide your documents, passport and biometric data to the Home Office.

Submission of biometric data

In corder to complete the application process the applicant will be required to submit the digital photos and fingerprints. The cost of the service is £19.20. Biometrics are usually taken by a designated Post Office, or when submitting an application in person (in the case of applying on-line).

Passing the ceremony of presenting the certificate of Naturalization

If the application for naturalization has been approved, the applicant will receive an invitation to the ceremony of Naturalization. After that, the applicant will have three months during which an appointment for the ceremony needs to be booked at the local registration office. UK passport can be obtained after the Certificate of Naturalization is given.

Our immigration specialists can provide full support in obtaining the British citizenship.