Adult Dependant Relative


Adult Dependent Relative

The immigration rules for adult relatives became much stricter after July 9, 2012, and it is now extremely difficult to bring parents or other close relatives to the UK. However, this option exists.

A sponsor who wants to bring a relative must be over 18, be British or settled in the UK, or have a refugee status.
The applicant must demonstrate that:
– due to age, illness or disability he/she requires long-term or permanent care;
– he/she unable to perform everyday household tasks without the help of another person;
– it is impossible for him/her to receive the necessary assistance, treatment and care in his/her country, even with the financial support from the UK relatives.
The application must be accompanied by medical documents, doctor’s reports, certificates from social services, etc.
The sponsor must show that he/she has enough money to support the relative without recourse to public funds and can provide the relative with an adequate accommodation and necessary care.

In the event of a positive decision, the applicant will be granted Indefinite Leave to Enter, and after five years in the UK he/she can apply for British citizenship.
Other rules apply if the sponsor is in the UK with a Refugee status. His/her dependent relative will receive permission to stay in the country for the same period as the sponsor, and they will be able to apply for permanent residence at the same time.