10 Years Long Residence ILR


ILR on the basis of the Long residence

One of the routes to settlement in the UK is based on the Long residence and subsequently leads to the acquisition of the British citizenship.
If you have lived in the United Kingdom continuously and lawfully for 10 years, you may qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain on the grounds of Long Residence.

  • There are certain requirements need to be met for a qualifying person:
  • An applicant has been lawfully and continuously living in the UK for or at least 10 years;
  • 10-year period is “continuous” when it was not broken by absence of up to 6 months or 180 days at any one time; or up to 18 months or 540 days in total during the relevant period;
  • If you are aged 18 to 65 years old, you must take Life in the UK test and meet the English Language requirements by passing a test at CEFR – B1 Level Listening and Speaking;The applicant should have no criminal convictions and any other offences;
  • There should be no general grounds for an applicant to be refused.

Important to note that in case of excessive absences from the UK the applicant can be refused the indefinite leave to remain. Our immigration specialists can help you to identify the amount of days you were absent from the UK. If the applicant has been in the UK longer than 10 years, he can rely on any 10-year period in their application so it can help with choosing the correct period with the least amount of absences.

  • The applicant will be granted ILR which subsequently leads to the acquisition of citizenship;
  • There are no legal requirements that the applicant must have the same form of leave during the relevant period;
  • Priority service allows the applicant to get a decision in one day;
  • If an applicant failed to pass any of the required tests, he can still get a 30-months of limited leave to remain;
  • The applicant does not need to take the English language test if he has a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree obtained in the UK or in one of the countries where the degree was taught in English. Also, passport holders of countries where English is the official language are exempt from testing.
  • Application can be submitted up to 28 days before the end of the qualifying period.

You will need to provide a certified translation of any documents that are not in English.

We will be happy to provide you with more detailed recommendations on the documents required based on your personal circumstances. We will check all the documents for compliance with the Immigration Rules.