Global Business Mobility Visas


Global Talent

This type of visa becomes more and more popular due to significant relief of visa requirements. It may be of interest to those who have achieved exceptional success and high-level international recognition in the field of science, art, culture, engineering or digital technologies. If a potential applicant is not yet a recognised leader in his field, but has great potential and they can prove it, there is a possibility to be granted Global Talent visa as an Exceptional Promise.

This category consists of two stages. The first and most important is receiving endorsement from one of five British professional organisations that will confirm the outstanding achievements or prospects of the applicant in the relevant field. There are five accredited organisations in the UK:

  • The British Academy (humanities and social sciences)
  • The Royal Society (natural sciences, medical research)
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering (engineering and technology area)
  • Tech Nation (digital technology)
  • Arts Council England (art, culture)
  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) – for applicants in all disciplines in science, engineering, humanities and medicine who is an active researcher in an academic, industry or government research institution.

Each of them determines how the applicant meets the criteria for Exceptional Talent/Exceptional Promise. Criteria are approved by each organisation independently. As soon as the applicant receives the endorsement from the relevant organisation, they can apply for a Global Talent visa.

The Global Talent visa is issued for 3 years, and successful candidate can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain after three years. Applicants for Exception Promise may get a visa for 5 years, and then apply for ILR. There are no requirements for the level of English and finance. A successful visa holder is not limited in employment (except for the positions of Doctor or Dentist in training or professional sport person), they may open their own business and bring dependent family members (children under 18 and spouses).

Applicants must take a tuberculosis test if they are a resident of one of the countries on the Home Office list. The certificate with test results is valid for 6 months.

Applicants in this category do not need to demonstrate knowledge of the English language and the availability of funds for accommodation (maintenance). However, to apply for ILR, both the main applicant and family members over 18 must demonstrate a certain level of English and pass the Life in the UK test.

There are two compulsory requirements for obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain:

– an endorsement from an accredited organisation issued for initial visa application should not be withdrawn by this organisation;
– the applicant must receive funds from their activities (being employed or self-employed) in the area in which they initially demonstrated their outstanding talents.

Please note that the rules for this category are quite complex and we recommend individual advice in each case.